Gruesome Streams Mantas Cover 'Legion Of Doom'

Death metal defenders of the old Gruesome has partnered with Decibel Magazine to share the cover of "Legion Of Doom" by Chuck Schuldiner's pre-Death project, Mantas. The recording will be included in the magazine's June 2018 issue as a special pictured flexi disc. Check it out over at this location, or simply in the player provided above.

Comments vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, "We did 'Legion Of Doom' to highlight the through-line from the early Mantas days all the way to Spiritual Healing. That signature riff just oozes heaviness. After working on the more melodic and developed album material, it was a lot of fun and a great way to blow off steam by jamming some nasty, primitive death metal."

Gruesome returns with the second full-length album "Twisted Prayers," which drops on June 1st as a CD, LP, deluxe LP, cassette, and digital download via Relapse Records. Pre-orders can be made over here.

The track listing and artwork for "Twisted Prayers" can be found here:

1. Inhumane

2. A Waste Of Life (see lyric video here)

3. Fate

4. Lethal Legacy

5. Fatal Illusions

6. Crusade Of Brutality

7. At Death's Door

8. Twisted Prayers

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