69 Chambers Streams New Single 'F.Y.L.'

Swiss progressive/alternative metal act 69 Chambers is streaming the new song "F.Y.L.," which you can hear in the player above. The song appears on the new album "Machine," which drops on May 25th via Massacre Records! "Machine" promises to be 69 Chambers most personal album - without sounding soft. The vocals are still alternating between fragility and pure anger, the guitar riffs are as heavy and precise as they come and collide with the tight drums.

The track listing is:

1. Deceleration 2. F.Y.L. 3. Machine 4. Little Bird Of Death 5. Who Am I 6. Happiness 7. Métamorphose 8. Loaded Gun 9. Chemical Poetry 10. Quantum Wave 11. Serpent Of Hypocrisy

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