Ironthorn Signs With Sliptrick Records

Hard rock/metal act Ironthorn signed on with Sliptrick Records for the upcoming, yet untitled, sophomore album. More details on the album are expected soon.

Ironthorn was formed in the Province of Agrigento (Sicily) in 2014. The band decided to base the sound on the music of the most famous 80’s/90’s hard rock, heavy metal and thrash metal bands. All this blended with Ironthorn's modern twist.

The long musical journey took the band on a search for the sound and emotions that represent the music of Ironthorn today, predominately with classic hard rock riffs and heavy sounds accompanied by a sinewy and melodic vocal line, while keeping intact the desire to renew and personalize a subgenre that has informed the history of music and touched the lives of many hearts.

Ironthorn released the debut album "After The End" (which included a comic book along with the conceptual album) in November 2017 and is now back in the studio working on the sophomore effort.

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