Mission In Black To Release Full Length Debut 'Anthems Of A Dying Breed'

German power/thrash metal act Mission In Black will release the debut full length "Anthems Of A Dying Breed" on May 4th via El Puerto Records. Pre-orders can be made at this location.

For a taste of the album, check out the video clip for the new song "Welcome The Apocalypse" in the player above!

Formed in 2010, the band - comprising of Becky Gaber (Exotoxis) – vocals, Daniel Tschoepe (ex-Spellbound) – guitars, Andy "Black" Flache (ex-Spellbound) – drums, Martin Grimm (Headstone Epitaph/ex-Mystic Prophecy)– guitars and Hannes Jäger (ex-Spellbound) – bass - combine power and thrash metal with with mark-piercing female vocals, so you have the perfect thrash cocktail for 2018!

The band self-issued the first 4-song EP "Black Infect" in 2012, which gardnered various shows with Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy and Ligea. The gap until the the long-overdue recording contract with El Puerto Records for the debut full length "Anthems Of A Dying Breed" came as a result of family and professional changes.

The album was recorded at Stage One studio and was produced by Andy Classen. The result is 13 songs full of energy, which combine traditional metal riffs with modern grooves. Brutal growls change with sublime vocals and make the songs a real listening experience.

"There was no master plan to direct the songwriting from the beginning in a particular direction, but it was and is more important for us to act ‘out of the belly’ and still be 'head' in terms of a certain claim to ourselves and not neglect musical level. " explains drummer Andy "Black" Flache.

He added: "To make a song explicit is difficult. Having supported the Sea Shepherd organization for years, 'Oceans of Blood' certainly has a special meaning." His concerns about marine and animal welfare are processed in this song, which shows that the songs also have a real message. "Lyrics that unite both the personal human abysses, the desolate conditions on our planet but also the ‘Right now!’ feeling and a good deal of revolutionary thoughts," he emphasizes: Welcome to the darker side! The album is a "mixture of brutality and uncompromising heaviness on the one hand and the hookline and melody on the other."

Check out the album's artwork here:

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