Tragacanth Announces New Album, Posts Preview Clip

Dutch technical black/death metal band Tragacanth announce the upcoming studio album "The Journey of a Man," expected for release this summer via Pest Records (a sublabel of Loud Rage Music). The band posted a 5+ minute preview clip for the album, which is available in the player above.

On "The Journey of a Man," Tragacanth has evolved and enriched it’s sound and compositions considerably by adding even more progressive and ethnic elements, among others. "Set in the second year of the 115th Olympiad, we follow the final journey of a man from the moment he hears of his terminal illness until his inevitable death."

The band’s second effort will be released three years after the very well received debut album "Anthology of the East," which was released by Loud Rage Music sub-label Pest Records.

More information on the release is imminent in the coming weeks!

The track listing is:

1. Survival: Stagnate Reality

2. Denial: They Are Mistaken

3. Anger: Kitrine Chole

4. Depression: Waning Light

5. Bargining: Will You Answer Me?

6. Nightmare: The Vision

7. Acceptance: My Destiny Awaits

8. Suffering: The Essence Implodes

9. Death: Journey's End

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