Confusion Master 'Awaken[s]' With Debut Album Stream

German stoner/doom outfit Confusion Master is streaming the debut full length record "Awaken" - in celebration of its release date today, April 27th via Exile On Mainstream. The band teamed up with New Noise Magazine for the album stream over at this location. You can also just check it out in the player above. Grab your copy now over here.

Dubbing themselves as "Electric Sabbath action doom, deep-down soaked in a time-spiral measuring equal parts '70s 'Sabbath proto-rock riffage in a loop scheme backbeat groove formula and tritonous stoner weed," Confusion Master was brought to life in Autumn 2015 on the northern misty Baltic Sea shores of Rostock, Germany. A quartet, drawn from punk and metal circuits, sharing the love for sound, misanthropy, D.I.Y. values, and vintage gear, the members have earned merits in underground stalwart hordes such as Cyness, Wojczech, Bad Luck Rides On Wheels, and Aequatorkaelte - this alone should give you a hindsight towards the fact that we are not talking a bunch of greenhorns here but a band that has vision and attitude.

The focus of "Awaken" represents the band's attitude: condensation and reduction to what is really important and, musically, creates a well-focused sound: existentialism and escapism - manifesting the personal horrors in tone drawing from these inspirations. "Awaken" features four tracks delivered over forty minutes.

The track listing for "Awaken" is:

1. Witch Pollution

2. Northern Midnight Ghoul Dance

3. Reaper's Fist (see video clip here)

4. Goner Colony

5. In The Shadow Of The Bong *

6. False Dawn *

7. Awaken *

* CD Bonus Track

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