Etterna Signs With Sliptrick Records For Debut Album 'Chaotic'

Slovakian melodic progressive metal act Etterna signed on with Sliptrick Records for the debut album "Chaotic," which is coming later this year. More information is expected soon.

Etterna hails from Presov, Slovakia and officially banded together in August 2016. Duo Tomas Visnovsky (drums) and Feral Inferis (guitar) decided to continue in common cooperation after their former band had broken up. The Etterna line-up was completed by singer Ady Hnat, guitarist Adam Manko and bassist Peter Jakub.

The band focuses on strong rhythms and melodies while pushing boundaries and taking the music progressively further. Due to different musical influences of band members, it wasn’t hard to combine and thus Etterna’s own music style was forged.

The band set to work and very quickly two songs were ready to be recorded. The first song, "Demon" was released as a lyric video (shown below) and the second, "Secreto en Fragopolis" was published as the groups first official music video (check it out in the player above).

2017 saw the band gigging extensively and working hard on the debut album "Chaotic." The future looks bright for Etterna and the band will continue to move forward and upward when they present the new material on stage after the album is officially released.

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