Sercati Releases 'Shockwaves Of The Countdown' Video Clip

Belgian black metal act Sercati released a video clip for the new single "Shockwaves Of The Countdown," which is available in the player above. The song will be featured on the upcoming new album "Devoted, Demons and Mavericks," due for release via Wormholedeath Records soon.

The band commented on the album: "In this next album, The Nightstalker must find a way to stop the Apocalypse. But he will not be alone... Some new characters will arrive to help him. The story begin with the countdown of the Apocalypse."

On the song "Shockwaves Of The Countdown" the band offered: "The Nightstalker is losing hope. He tried to fight the shadows but the city is corrupted. But in secret, someone is coming to help him and give him a new hope."

Stay tuned for more information on the album.

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