Conception Reforms, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New EP

Roy Khan is BACK.....yes, you heard that right. Norweigian progressive metal act Conception announced that the band has reformed and is working on a new EP. A crowdfunding campaign for the EP is up and available over at this location.

The campaign features a short video clip of Khan and guitarist Tore Østby, who also announced that that Arve Heimdal (drums) and Ingar Amlien (bass) are also back in the fold.

The band was last seen via the 1997 album "Flow," at which vocalist Roy Khan left to front Kamelot until his departure in 2011due to burnout. Rumors have been swirling for weeks as members of Conception were seen and heard in the past couple of months.

The band has now confirmed it has returned! More information is expected soon!

[Update, 10:10am, April 30, 2018: Khan and Østby shared a video, which you can check out here:]

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