Karma Violens - Serpent God (Review)

Greek band Karma Violens recently gave birth to the third full-length album "Serpent God" via Growl Records. The music presented is typically in the vein of melodic death metal (the fashionable disguise for "metalcore"), in which often the slowest and most “doom” oriented parts alternate with real fast parts provided by the excellent guitar riffs of George and Costas and the great drum work of Thodoris. Over the album's ten tracks, the melody is always present, but never predominant, accompanied by a voice that is somewhere halfway between growling and screaming.

The songwriting is generally quite original and well constructed from a musical point of view, although with repeated listening the songs start to sound a little too much the same after a while. There are no stand out “hits” throughout the track listing, except perhaps the excellent title track. There is no doubt that Karma Violens features very skillful musicians, but the "Serpent God" tends to be a bit too overly repetitive for your author making for a difficult listen.

"Serpent God" is generally a good album, perhaps a bit too monolithic and repetitive, but still pleasant to hear. We can hope that the next album will present something a bit more catchy because this band is certainly up to the task!

7/10 HAILS

Label: Growl Records (2018)

1. Men Of Gibeah

2. Serpent God

3. Sons Of Destruction

4. A Letter To The Worthless

5. The Sun I Never Had

6. Dark Morel

7. The Constractors

8. Eternal Darkness

9. Radix Malorum

10. Blood Aurora

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