Nereis Pays Tribute To Native Americans With New Lyric Video 'Two Wolves'

Nereis has revealed a new single and lyric video for the song "Two Wolves." This is the second video from the upcoming full-length album entitled "Turning Point," which is due out on June 8th via Eclipse Records. The video was directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo, utilizing imagery created by artist Claudio Calefato. Check out the clip in the player above. “Two Wolves is a Cherokee native American legend which illustrates the central internal struggle of humanity” says vocalist Andrea Barchiesi. “In this legend, a tribal elder is teaching his grandson about life. He explains that there is a battle between two spirit wolves going on inside each of us. One is evil, and the other good. The first represents anger, greed, arrogance, and self-pity. The second represents peace, love, humility, and kindness.” Guitarist Samuel Fabrello continues. “The grandson thinks about this for a few minutes, then asks which will win? His grandfather replies that the wolf you feed will win.” "Turning Point" features twelve hard-rocking songs that take the listener on an all-out aural adventure, ranging from blistering alternative metal to mellow power-rock, and everything in between. The album was produced by Mauro Andreolli at das Ende der Dinge, and the album art was designed by Daniel Hofer of Archetype Design.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Unity

2. Ready for War

3. Breaking Bad

4. Overdrive

5. Two Wolves

6. Now

7. One Time Only

8. The Wave

9. What is Wrong and What is Right

10. Induced Extinction

11. Born to Fly

12. We Stand as One

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