Bill Hudson Invites Fans To Pick Name Of New Band

In February, guitarist Bill Hudson announced his new band, which features ex-Twilight Force vocalist Christian Eriksson. The band launching a name contest, receiving around 1500 suggestions. To date, the members picked up the 10 favorite options, and now the fans have a chance to vote for the favorite name! The voting will be ongoing from the 1st of May and it will end on the 7th of May.

To vote, you need to join the group on Facebook at this location. Comments the band: "We made a post about a month ago asking our fans to suggest a name and have received around 1500 suggestions. Out of those, we have picked our 10 favorite options. You can vote for your favorite name at [this location] (unfortunately you do have to join the group to vote). Hopefully we'll have a name by the end of the week :) Samples of our music can be found on the comments." The band's full lineup is:

Bill Hudson: guitars Christian Eriksson (Twilight Force): vocals Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen): drums Jimmy Pitts (Eternity's End, Fractured Dimension): keyboards Mikael Planefeldt (Streamline): bass

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