Interview With Linnea Vikström Of QFT: 'Exploring Theories [Of How The Universe Ends] Were Both

As the singer for the Swedish symphonic metal phenomenon Therion, Linnea Vikström is already known to the world. Now she makes her solo debut as QFT (Quantum Field Theory), a project that not only explores so many different realms of music (symphonic, hard rock, rock, experimental metal), but also centers the lyrical focus on philosophical questions regarding the beginning, the end and life beyond our own planet.

The Big Bang, space travel, black holes, singularity, aliens, stars colliding and the inevitable end of the universe – Linnéa Vikström time travels from modern science to those eternal questions regarding the inevitable demise of all existence.

The album itself was recorded live in the studio - hence the title "Live In Space" - and just dropped via Despotz Records this past Friday, May 4th. Grab a copy of the album right here!

Our own Alanna Macron had a chance to ask some questions of Linnea about the new album...

CROM: What made you decide on doing a concept album about space?

LV: I've had so many ideas for solo projects though out the years, but this idea about making a concept about space, science and the universe really stuck with me for a long time and that for me was an indicator that I had to follow though with it. I’m really happy I did because I’m so extremely happy with the end result. It truly reflects who I am.

CROM: How long did it take for you to turn this idea into a concept album?

LV: A long time. I think I went around having this idea for probably 2 years before I came around and did it.

CROM: How much scientific research did you end up doing in order to make sure you were accurate in your lyrics?

LV: A LOT! I mean, I had to check sources on all the lyrics that were supposed to be scientifically accurate and that took a lot of time. and in the end I bet if a physicist were to review the lyrics they would be able to point out some errors, haha! In the end it’s simply a manifestation as to how I have come to understand these subjects.

CROM: What came first in creating this concept: the music or the lyrics?

LV: Music first, lyrics last. That’s how I’ve always worked. Almost all the lyrics are co-written together with drummer Georg Härnsten Egg. He was able to help me get these scientific things singable.

CROM: What is your favorite topic that you covered in the album?

LV: I must say the end of the universe! It has always been fascinating to me. There are so many different theories to how our universe will end and exploring those theories were both scary and interesting. The theory that we decided to go for in the album is, unfortunately, the least likely one, but -alas- the most hopeful. The universe will collapse into a singularity be followed by a new big bang. I sort of put myself in the perspective of observing the universe dying.

CROM: Are there any other themes you would like to explore, scientific or otherwise?

LV: I would like to explore more mathematical themes. Right now that’s my main interest and I think there are a lot of cool things that you can do with complex mathematics. I’d also like auto explore more ”earthly” matters such as the science behind for example global warming and nuclear power.

CROM: Since this was recorded as a live album, do you have any plans for touring?

LV: Yes, we have some plans and ideas, but nothing that I can reveal quite yet. This is music that is meant to be played live so I want to jump onto the first tour bus that turns up, haha!

CROM: To me, it felt like the album being a live recording added to the overall theme of space; do you feel recording the album live made any major impact?

LV: I absolutely agree with you. It adds humanity as a natural component to the album. The biggest reason I wanted to record it live was to have that human feel and groove to it.

CROM: What was your favorite part of working on this album?

LV: Going into the studio, absolutely. It was such a cool experience of hearing that transition from demos to a recorded album with fantastic musicians.

CROM: In general, who would you say are your biggest influences?

LV: It’s different in different periods in my life. Right now it’s David Bowie. He’s truly inspiring both as a musician and songwriter, but he’s ability to dare and do whatever he wants is truly amazing to me.

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