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Ethernity Signs With AFM Records

Belgian progressive melodic metal band Ethernity is the newest addition to the AFM Records roster. A new album will be released in late Summer, with details coming very soon.

The group's self-released debut album "Obscure Illusions" was released in March 2015 and featured guest appearances by Tom S Englund (Evergrey), Kelly Sundown (Civil War (the band)) and Mark Basile (DGM). It was produced by DGM's Simone Mularoni.

"Ethernity": What does it mean? It comes from the combination of the two words "ether" - which refers to the upper regions of space, the sky and the heavens - and "eternity" - which means the infinite time and the timeless state into which the soul passes at a person's death. We found the idea cool and it fits the image of the band, its music and even more its lyrics.

Ethernity is:

Julie Colin: Vocals Julien Spreutels: Keyboards Nicolas Spreutels: Drums Francesco Mattei: Lead Guitar François Spreutels: Bass Thomas Henry: Guitar

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