Fabio Lione Splits With Vision Divine

Angra frontman Fabio Lione recently announced his departure from Italian progressive power metal band Vision Divine. The band's latest release was 2012's "Destination Set to Nowhere."

In a statement on Facebook from April 28th, Lione stated:

"...Has been a long journey..

"its always sad when you realize that a part of you life has come to an end..

"Since '99 we've done some fantastic records, great songs and shared some amazing experiences..

After almost 20 years time has come for me to do follow another path from Vision Divine and say "goodbye" to these guys and this band..

"I wish them all the best... as you may know I always did my best for this band even in difficult times and uncommon situations..

"I'm so proud of our last 2012 record "Destination Set To Nowhere" and of all the things we achieved and shared together..

"Life needs changes sometime and when you realize the time has come is better not to wait or get insecure..

May the "Vision" be strong forever..

"Fabio 2.0"

The band shared the statement, but has not commented or announced a replacement as of yet.

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