Valhalla Lights Releases Two New Video Clips - 'World On Fire' And 'Someday'

Australian stoner rock act Valhalla Lights released two more videos for two songs from the debut album "My Gracious Highway," which dropped in early April in North America. Check out "World On Fire" above and "Someday" at the bottom. Grab your copy of the album at this location.

Valhalla Lights is all about quality vintage instruments and tube driven amps played at high volume, catchy riffs that stick in the mind, thumping drums and crashing cymbals, all put together to create a wall of sound... and powerful and melodic vocals cutting through to sit over the top.

Hailing from the beautiful township of Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia, a small surfing community and a place that is at the center of an extinct volcano and is known for its natural fresh air, stunning beaches, rich volcanic soil and dramatic landscape that has been gouged out by hot molten lava... Valhalla Lights music can be summed up as. being... explosive, hard edged melodic rock... something that you might even call...Volcanic Rock! This Volcanic Rock has already received its fair share of radio airplay stateside with more to come!

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