Defiatory Releases New Album 'Hades Rising', Streams Album In Full

Swedish thrashers Defiatory officially released the new album "Hades Rising" today (May 11th) via Black Lion Records. To celebrate, the band teamed up with for the full stream of the album at this location, or more conveniently right down in the player provided at the bottom (where you can also buy a copy)!

"Hades Rising" carries on from the aggressive thrash metal sound established on the debut album, evolving into more rhythmic and melodic sessions, granting more variety without losing focus on what is important in the old school style of thrash metal.

The track list can be found here:

1. In Hell (see video here)

2. Dance of the Dead

3. King in Yellow

4. Stronger Than God

5. Death Takes Us All

6. Morningstar

7. Down To His Kingdom Below

8. Metatron

9. Bane of Creation

10. All That Remains

11. Hades Rising

Check out the album in full here:

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