Verilun - Through Fire... In the Sun (Review)

The Huns ride again after 5 years with Verilun’s 2018 effort “Through Fire… In the Sun." Featuring thunderous and epic passages punctuated by uniquely syncopated drumming, the Hungarian trio has captured a brutal sound comprised of technical licks and melodic folky grooves in good measure. These songs are bass-heavy, which adds a lot of needed force since many drum parts sound improvisational and play around the more basic rhythms represented by the bass and guitar.

Many of the bombastic riffs on “Through Fire… In the Sun” will appeal to fans of Amon Amarth and Immortal and on occasion the record delivers a real swell of energy that gets toes tapping and heads banging. However, most of the tracks are over 7 minutes in length and that energy is often disrupted by transitional sections which exemplify the unorthodox drum parts. Apart from these passages in the music, there is a lot of compositional complexity to be found built around the solid black/death metal core: great solos, understated synth accompaniment, and different types of resolutions than normally found on an album of its ilk.

In total, Verilun’s third full length is an accessible listen to fans approaching from both the death and black metal directions, and contains some gems for folk metal fans as well. Some listeners, may find that transitional issues and fill syncopation break the flow of the compositions - especially on a passive listen. Still, all the metal marks are checked and the album is sure to meet with approval for its savagery, virtuosity and heaviness.

6/10 HAILS

Label: Sliptrick Records (2018)

1. Montivagus (Intro)

2. Upon the Mountain

3. Untimely Born

4. Seven Years and Seven Winks

5. Wanderer

6. Gamma Binarius

7. The Garden

8. Something Other than God

9. Through the Fire... in the Sun

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