Refuge Streams New Single 'Mind Over Matter'

Refuge, the German metal band featuring current and former Rage members Peavy Wagner, Manni Schmidt and Christos Efthimiadis (representing the 'classic era of Rage'), is streaming the new single "Mind Over Matter." Check it out in the player above.

The song is the latest track issued from new album "Solitary Men," which is set to dop on June 8th via Frontiers Music Srl. Pre-orders are available over here.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Summer's Winter 2. The Man In The Ivory Tower 3. Bleeding From Inside 4. From The Ashes (song streaming here) 5. Living On The Edge Of Time 6. We Owe A Life To Death 7. Mind Over Matter 8. Let Me Go 9. Hell Freeze Over 10. Waterfalls 11. Another Kind Of Madness (Bonus Track)

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