Iliour Griften's Heaven Denies Announces Full Cast For New Album 'The Essence Of Power'

Hailing from Siracusa, Sicily, power metal unit Iliour Griften's Heaven Denies has announced the full cast of the forthcoming album, which will be entitled "The Essence Of Power." Featuring several elements from very well known power metal bands, the full cast is as follows: Drums: Alex Landenburg (LT's Rhapsody, Cyhra, StratovariuS, Annihilator, Simfonia, on tour with Kamelot). Bass: Dino Fiorenza (Steve Vai, Axl Rose, Edu Falaschi, Mark Boals and more...). Guitar: Kakhi Kiknadze (Harmonium, Iahsari) Guitar: Zoltán Árpád Liptay Guitar: Niccolò Carpentieri (Astral Fire) Keyboards: Gabriels (Mark Boals, Fabio Lione, Vivaldi Metal Project, Alma Sacra, Aldaria, Metaphysics, Platens) Choir and backing vocals: Alex Mari (Michele Luppi Band, Ophiura, Barock Project, Alex Mari & The Lovers) Choir and backing vocals: Tommaso Corvaja (Ion of Chios) Soprano: Claudia Corona Growls: Stefan Zenkert (Witticism) "The Essence Of Power" will delight fans of Stratovarius, Kamelot, Helloween, Angra, Dream Thearer and Nightwish.

Stay tuned for more information on the album expected soon.

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