Drug Cult Premieres Video For New Song 'Reptile Hypnosis'

Drug Cult - a four-piece occultist doom collective – premiered the video clip for the new song "Reptile Hypnosis" over at The Obelisk at this location. Of course, you can also just check it out in the player just above.

The song is taken from the self titled album which will be released on June 1st via Ritual Productions as a vinyl LP, CD and digital download. Pre-order the album over here.

Directed by Nat Collins, the video harkens to a dystopian nightmare that blurs the distinction between fiction and reality, where (sub-)consciousness is suppressed via surreptitious schemes. Remain alert, manifest your own power and watch the full video.

The rite is a 9-track self-titled vortex of majestic heaviness laced with an evocative psychedelic haze, whereby classic melodies meld with fuzz-drenched riffs cultivating an enticing potion of technicolour wickedness. Although a grooving heavyweight tone drives throughout the rite, a darkened presence is forever evident, hexing you into Drug Cult’s realm. Formed at the edge of Mt. Jerusalem in the hills of Mullumbimby, Australia, Drug Cult is the alchemic workings of guitarist Vin Steele (ex. Wolfmother, Megaritual, Sun Of Man), vocalist Aasha Tozer, drummer Dale Walker (Megaritual, Sun Of Man) and bassist Maggie Schreiber. Their elemental craft has been brewing since April 2015, shaping the vision of a heavy celestial voyage through atmospheric sound connection.

The track listing can be found here:

1. Serpent Therapy (see video clip here) 2. Release 3. Reptile Hypnosis 4. The Wall 5. Mind Crypt 6. Slaylude 7. Bloodstone 8. Acid Eye 9. Spell

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