Dyecrest Is 'Fading/Reaching' In New Video

Finnish heavy/modern power metal act Dyecrest released a video for the new single "Fading/Reaching," which can be viewed in the player above. The song will appear on the band's upcoming new full length "Are You Not Entertained?" coming next week via Inverse Records.

"The first demo of the Fading/Reaching was recorded already ten years ago" tells the drummer Niko Takala. "The verses have changed a lot during years but the chorus is still mainly as the original". The track is melodic and hooky but it also holds a strong story lyrically. "The lyrics tell how holding on to certain things and principles is even more important than staying alive", Niko explains. "The narrator is like writing a reminder for generations to come that "Hi! I really was the person you saw and experienced - not what those who destroyed me are claiming'" "When we released our first album 15 years ago our record company thought that music videos are too expensive and there isn't enough opportunities to get them to the audiences eyes. The time has changed since that", the band contently comments the possibilities that modern technology offers.

Check out the album's artwork here:

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