Lurk Details Re-Issue Of 'Fringe', Streams New Single 'Reclaim'

Finnish atmospheric sludge/doom band Lurk will have its 2016 independently released third studio album "Fringe" see release via Transcending Obscurity Records on August 5th. Check out the song "Reclaim" in the player above.

The artwork of Adam Burke (Hooded Menace, Loss) artwork is the perfect fit for the band's varied, yet mesmerising music. The style is unlike most you've heard - it's obscure, hallucinatory and strangely haunting. Lurk is not trying to bludgeon you into submission, but rather takes a subliminal route to break you down and get you addicted permanently.

Wistful and mysterious, Lurk's music is just interesting and multi-faceted. Blending elements of doom, black and death metal into a sludge template, the band takes the sound ahead in ways hitherto unheard. Haunting, soaring melodies juxtapose with abrasive low-end riffs without hampering the overall aesthetics. Watch the band take you into a slow hallucinatory descent towards madness where multiple worlds coalesce and still make sense - that in a nutshell is the music of Lurk.

The artwork and track listing is:

1. Ostrakismos 2. Tale Blade 3. Reclaim 4. Elan (Feat. Aleksi Laakso) 5. Offshoot 6. Furrow 7. Nether 8. Proteus Syndrome

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