Valyria Streams New EP In Full

Canadian progressive/power death metal act Valyria just dropped the new EP "Into the Dying of Time" today (May 18th) and celebrated by streaming the entire release over at Invisible Oranges at this location. You can just as easily check it out in the player above!

The band proclaims: "We are extremely ecstatic to release "Into The Dying of Time". We have spent the better part of the year refining and finding our sound and our album is a culmination of our influences that hold such a huge place in our lives. Our album brings stories to life with influences from fantasy and sci-fi novels, film, historical mysticism and the state and future of our world today."

With the world becoming a darker place by the day, we need more metal bands that deal in Realistic Escapism; that is escapism that draws from events in the real world (see Joseph Campbell’s seminal ‘Hero With A Thousand Faces’ for more) and helps the listeners cope heroically with their own daily battles. The aural equivalent of the work of George R.R. Martin!

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. The Final Empire (Intro) 2. Steel Inquisition (song streaming here) 3. Tome of Shattered Vessels 4. Of Sky and Sea

5. The Crossing 6. Floating World 7. Into the Dying of Time (Outro)

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