Verikalpa Posts New Video Clip 'Viinapiru'

Finnish folk metal band Verikalpa released a new music video from the critically acclaimed debut album "Taistelutahto," which was issued back in February via Inverse Records (see CROM's review here). Check out the clip in the player above.

The band comments: "HEAR YE HEAR YE!

"Now you officially have the permission to dig out your cold beers out of your cellars, Verikalpa is back in town with their best friend Viinapiru! (The Boozedevil for the uninitiated)

"We just checked out with the lads how our debut album Taistelutahto has fared in the world and holy shit were we blown away! 179500 streams in Spotify alone and about 67000 streams in Youtube, we're not that good in math, and also we were the 7th most sold physical release in Finland in the week it was published. We can't express in words how much we appreciate you fans and listeners so we wanted to give you a pretty early Christmas present in the form of a new music video!

"How are we faring otherwise you ask? Well you can see and smell us in the best metal festival in Finland, Nummirock, on 20th of June and also in our own hoods in Qstock 27th of July, attending will we encouraged! While we're not gigging we have laboured in the rehearsal dungeon and our second album has taken it’s form and will be blowing minds and livers once we slam it on an album in the studio this Fall! ¨ "Without further ado, here is 'Viinapiru'! Stay drunk, stay metal!"

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