Entropia Creates A 'Vacuum' With New Album

Polish blackened sludge/post-metal act Entropia announced details of the new album "Vacuum," which is planned for a September 2018 release via Arachnophobia Records. Details on the album's release date and pre-order link, as well as the first single, will be announced soon. Following the success of "Ufonaut," Entropia does not stop the search for perfectly psychedelic music. By giving in to the inspirations that have been slowly developing for years now, Entropia develops its acidic formula - this time through exploration of the rhythmic repetition in combination with the riffs and overwhelming atmosphere that are the band’s trademark. The result is a mixture of completely opposite worlds in which the instrumental trance and electronics drawing directly from the scene of goa, techno and IDM, as well as from the accomplishments of kraut rock classics, meet alongside the most extreme moments in the band's history. Rhythm patterns bound the album together, shaping the magma of sounds into the form of six songs spanning over one hour in length. For Entropia, however, experimentation is not a means to an end, but only a side effect of a constant search for the new ways of expression of one's emotions. "Vacuum" is mirroring the conflicted reality seen through the eyes of the band. It is the testimony of the constant struggle of the psychedelic worldview with human pettiness, and therefore - it's a story of a conflict that is going on inside every each one of us. Entropia on "Vacuum" finally becomes a band that does not belong to any current. Instead, it creates its own. "Vacuum" was recorded live in Raven Studio with sound engineer Andrzej Dziadek with Maciej Wiergowski responsible for the production of the music. All the illustrations and layout of the album was made by Kuba Sokólski. The track listing and artwork can be viewed here:

1. Poison 2. Wisdom 3. Astral 4. Vacuum 5. Hollow

6. Endure

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