Hangman's Chair Signs With Spinefarm Records For Worldwide Release Of 'Banlieue Triste'

Hangman's Chair will release the latest (and fifth) studio album "Banlieue Triste" (issued back in March in limited quantities via Musicfearsatan) digitally and on CD through Spinefarm Records on July 27th in all territories outside of France; a special double vinyl version of the album will follow. This comes as the result of a deal that will see the Paris outfit working with Spinefarm worldwide for future recordings.

Check out the video clip for the song "Naive" in the player above.

Founding member and guitarist Julien Chanut said, "We are delighted and excited to work with Spinefarm Records. It's an honor for us to be represented worldwide by such a respected label. They are going to help us to grow and to achieve our goals - we know that something great is coming over the next few years."

Spinefarm UK Head of A&R, Dante Bonutto, added, "With people now consuming more music than ever and doing it in a variety of ways, genres are getting blurred and barriers coming down... in short, perfect timing for HANGMAN'S CHAIR, who successfully bring a variety of elements to their songs. It's all from the conscience and the heart, and the band's ability to balance the subtle touch with crushing power is truly something to behold!"

Over the past decade or so, Hangman's Chair - that's Cedric Toufouti (vocals/guitars), Julien Chanut (guitars), Clement Hanvic (bass), and Mehdi Birouk Thepegnier (drums) - has released a steady flow of singles, EPs, albums and split releases. All of said releases are housed in signature, stylish artwork, and all of it showcasing the band's trademark ablity to blend emotional and musical weight with fragile interludes and atmospheric swathes of sound.

Today, Hangman's Chair stands as France's foremost name in the world of stoner/doom. Yet the music is in no way bound by style, as the 10 tracks of "Banlieue Triste" clearly show.

There is the epic riff surge of video track "Naïve" to the shimmering, slow-burn instrumental that is "Sidi Bel Abbes" (featuring guitarist Marc De Backer from Wolvennest), and the soaring melody of "Tired Eyes" (a collaboration with French Synth wave master Perturbator). This is a body of work where brute force and beauty are never too far apart.

Continues Chanut, "We feel that Banlieue Triste has something special, a taste of relief. With these songs, we believe that we've truly found our identity; we've never been this personal before in terms of the influences, the lyrics, the sound and the artwork. Banlieue Triste is what we are now and what we used to be as kids - it's full of nostalgia, the broken French dream."

The track listing for "Banlieue Triste" can be found here:

1. Banlieue triste

2. Naive

3. Sleep Juice

4. Touch the Razor

5. Tara

6. 04 09 16

7. Tired Eyes

8. Negative Male Child

9. Sidi Bel Abbes

10. Full Ashtray

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