Tragacanth Streams New Single 'Death: Journey's End'

Dutch technical black/death metal band Tragacanth is streaming the new single "Death: Journey's End." The song comes from the upcoming studio album "The Journey of a Man," expected for release on July 15th via Pest Records (a sublabel of Loud Rage Music). Check it out the the player above.

The band commented on the album and new song: “It’s no secret our upcoming album 'Journey of a Man' is a personal one. From the mystical, enigmatic Far East covered in 'Anthology of the East,' this time we travel to Ancient Greek times where a young man finds out he is to perish soon. Wandering the complex maze of emotions and disease running through his veins, 'Journey of a Man' tells the tale of his downward spiral into the abyss. With Moirai awaiting his final demise, a mind crippled with melancholy and his body traveling down the river Styx, his spirit is finally released. The final song of the album 'Death: Journey’s End' serves as his requiem.”

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Survival: Stagnate Reality

2. Denial: They Are Mistaken

3. Anger: Kitrine Chole

4. Depression: Waning Light

5. Bargining: Will You Answer Me?

6. Nightmare: The Vision

7. Acceptance: My Destiny Awaits

8. Suffering: The Essence Implodes

9. Death: Journey's End

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