Witchsorrow Streams New Album 'Hexenhammer' In Full

Hampshire, UK doom metal act Witchsorrow dropped the new album "Hexenhammer" today (May 25th) via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records. Grab yourself a copy right here.

The band teamed up with Decibel to stream the album in its entirety over here, but stick around...its also playing in the player right at the bottom of this page!

Written during a hermetic period following an intense run of live shows, and recorded at Skyhammer studio in Cheshire with longtime co-conspirator Chris Fielding (Conan, Primordial, Electric Wizard), and mastered at the legendary Orgone studios by Jaime "Gomez" Arellano (Ghost, Paradise Lost), the seven featured songs find Witchsorrow continuing to explore the darker corners of doom, illuminating them with the blinding light of sheer heavy metal forged of the strongest steel. It's an almost anthemic soundtrack to the end of the world lyrics.

"I've always been obsessed with the end of the world," explains vocalist/guitarist Necroskull. "On previous albums, I've been wanting it to happen, because I was caught in a very dark place. On No Light, Only Fire, I was almost angry that it hadn't happened. Now, it's a massively confusing time where we're basically staring at it and waiting for it. I have no solutions. There are none to be had."

If 2018 needs a soundtrack to its madness, Witchsorrow have provided it. Heavier, darker, doomier, and more metal than ever before, with a title relating to "Malleus Maleficarum" ("The Hammer of Witches"), a famous fifteenth century treatise, perfectly captured in the artwork by legendary Italian metal artist Paolo Girardi (Diocletian, Inquisition, Bell Witch), one of doom's leading lights have made the perfect album for our times.

The track listing can be found here:

1. Maleficus

2. Hexenhammer

3. The Devil's Throne

4. Demons Of The Mind

5. Eternal

6. The Parish

7. Like Sisyphus

Check out the album in full here:

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