Crawl Announces New Album, Streams New Single

From the label that put out releases of Paganizer, Henry Kane and Ursinne, which upheld the brand of Swedish death metal - Transcending Obscurity Records - Crawl will now unleash the debut full length "Rituals" via the label on August 20th. Check out the album's first single "Suffer" in the player above.

Crawl sets new standards for the "Swedeath" style: crushing with the progenitors, but at the same time stepping out the shadows by concocting a vile mix with influences of punk/crust and hardcore. "Rituals" is an irreverent exercise in bombarding the classic style with fresh elements and lending to the staid style new vitality. Prepare to be shocked, annihilated and thrilled at the prospect of listening to the new masterpiece.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Reject The Cross 2. Breathing Violence 3. The Stench 4. Black Ritual 5. Trail of Traitors 6. Sentenced To Rot 7. Cowards 8. Suffer 9. Coven Of Servants

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