Lost Division Streams New Single 'Wish You Were Dead'

Finnish hard rock act Lost Division is streaming the new single "Wish You Were Dead," which is available in the player above. The debut single/EP was issued today (May 29th) via Inverse Records. The b-side features the song "In Memoriam."

Lost Division is a hard rock band with a metallic twist. Coarse guitar riffs together with dexterous lead guitar accompanied with female vocals create bands solid signature sound. Lost Division's music is not made to change the world for better. The band is here to tell you that sometimes your life gets fucked up for no particular reason at all. You just have to deal with it! The band comments the single: "What do you do when you always seem to be surrounded with people who cannot be trusted? What do you do when you loose everything dear and precious the second you turn your back at them? You get even. And then you make a song about it."

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