Soliloquium Premieres Full Stream Of New Album 'Contemplations'

Swedish melodic doom/death metal unit Soliloquium premiered the full stream of the new album "Contemplations," which drops on June 1st via Chicago's Transcending Records. The band teamed up with Dead Rhetoric for the full album stream at this location, or even easier, just check it out in the player at the bottom.

"Contemplations" was once again produced by Mike Watts (Sleepwalkers, Terminus), who also handles the drums and electronics this time around. Pre-orders can be made over here.

As for the sound of "Contemplations" - expect a more varied, less standard death/doom metal offering from Soliloquium. Don't worry though.....the Stockholm darkness will still be highly present. Fill the void of the Katatonia hiatus!

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Chains 2. Catharsis 3. Streetlights 4. Unfulfilling Prophecy 5. 22 6. For the Accursed 7. In Affect 8. Wanderlust

Check out the album in full here:

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