Aeolian Signs With Snow Wave Records For Debut Album

Snow Wave Records from Finland has announced signing a record deal with melodic death metal group Aeolian from Mallorca, Spain. The debut album "Silent Witness" will be released worldwide on Sep 12th. Check out the album preview in the player above. The label commented: "We were very impressed by the professional quality of their song writing and production. It also doesn't hurt that the groups lyrics handle real issues, not just dragons and devils. Inspired by their home island's beautiful nature, the groups lyrics talk about shielding natural diversity from mankind's influence". "Silent Witness" was produced by Miguel A. Riutort (The Unity, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Hirax). The cover artwork (shown below) has been licensed from Kilian Eng (Concept artist for Disney, HBO, Marvel, Red Bull, Sony, The New York Times, etc.). The name "Silent Witness" takes its meaning from how nature cannot speak for itself. Every song on this album has been written from the point of view of nature. The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Immensity 2. End of Ice 3. Chimera 4. My Stripes In Sadness 5. Return of the Wolf King 6. Going to Extinction 7. Elysium 8. Wardens of the Sea 9. The Awakening 10. Black Storm 11. Witness 12. Onyx

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