Lords Of The Trident Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For New Album

A true spectacle to be witnessed, Lords of the Trident is a daring adventure metal quintet that has been delighting audiences and fans all over the world for ten years. To continue on the epic quest of bringing spectacular and entertaining metal to global fans the band's current aim is to release the 7th album “Shadows from the Past” on August 24th with the support of a Kickstarter campaign that goes live today (June 1st). Rewards include merch, video games, lessons from band members, festival tickets, and private concerts.

Head over to the campaign here and make your pledge!

With a lengthy history of enchanting fans with outrageous theatrical events with plenty of crowd participation, Lords of the Trident have donned the cloaks and armor to lay the groundwork for the most enthusiastic sojourn yet.

Fang VonWrathenstein shares his excitement: “This album is our most ambitious musical work to date, and the first album with our new members Baron Helleshaar and Master Herc. Fans who have been with us for a while will notice that our new songs are a bit more complex, and our songwriting continues to mature. The new songs are definitely still Lords songs, but explore some new musical themes. I believe the new album will be our strongest offering yet, and contain some songs that are sure to be fan favorites going forward.”

The band has partnered with the video game Coffee Crisis in which band members will be featured in as NPCs (non-playable characters) as well as providing a song for one of the game's levels. The Kickstarter will run for the period of a month with a financial goal of $6,000, In return, the band offers supporters a wide variety of band merch, copies of Coffee Crisis, private music lessons with band members, private concerts and tickets to Mad With Power festival in Madison, Wisconsin.

The album will be released digitally and on physical CD on August 24th along with it being performed for the first time ever the following day at Mad With Power festival (Saturday, August 25th). Fans that support Lords of the Trident through Patreon will have access to exclusive rewards tiers.

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