Steelawake Is 'Dragging You Inside' With New Single, Video Clip

Italian modern metal act Steelawake released a video clip for the new single "Dragging You Inside," which is available in the player above. The song is the first single from Steelawake’s forthcoming self-titled full-length album, coming out later in the year via Sliptrick Records. More information on the album is expected soon.

On the song, the band commented: "'Dragging You Inside' is a song with more than one meaning. It’s about the end of a relationship, when there’s a fine line between parting ways and still trying to drag each other into a dead end situation. But it also explores the feeling of wanting to get closer to someone else while some demons (the masks in the video) try to drag you back into the insecurities and fears from the past. And it is also a song about loneliness and how you feel after leaving someone that is not right for you but that has been there for a long time. The way you start perceiving everyone, like they were all unfamiliar faces in an unknown territory. Like you don’t know who they are, cause you don’t know who you are anymore. It is undoubtedly a song about love, anger, fear, pain and desire.”

Matteo Piacenti, founder/main composer/lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band, formed Steelawake in January 2017, wanting to explore new ideas he had come up with over the previous few years, and to pursue his passion for songwriting and live music. Over the next few months the line-up of the band was completed and as the four members of the group started sharing their ideas, their music grew into a deep and strong sound that fits into the modern rock genre with traces of nu metal, punk rock and classic rock.

The style of Steelawake is mostly hard and heavy, yet their songs often include a soft and melodic vibe as well. The powerful and rough lead male vocals fit well with his female counterpoint’s voice, which is cleaner and a bit more on the pop side. Their main influences are bands like Three Days Grace, Skillet, Papa Roach, Seether, Paramore and Flyleaf. Steelawake’s songs are deep and personal, as they talk about struggles in life, loss and heartbreaks. All themes that everyone can relate to. Their lyrics express emotions and feelings in a passionate and strong way, which reflect the spirit and soul of the lead singer, who draws inspiration from his darker periods.

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