Torii Streams New Album 'A Judgement Divine' In Full

"A Judgement Divine" - the forthcoming new album from black/death metal duo Torii is now streaming in its entirety in the player below, which contains a link where you can pre-order a copy. The album drops this Friday (June 8th).

Torri is a two piece metal band based out of Rogers, Arkansas. Bill Masino (all instruments / artwork / occasional lyrics) and Eric May (all vocals / lyrics / writings) began working together in 2013 with the debut album "The Shadow of the Mountain." Since then, Torii has released "Elabrynth" (2014) and "Gates of Paradise" (2016).

Though black and death metal are core elements, the basic description doesn't quite capture the breadth of the music, colored as it is with post-metal grays and streaks of doom. Multi-instrumentalist/lyricist Bill Masino and vocalist/lyricist Eric May have created yet another masterwork of oppressive darkness and an intensity that burns continually, all of which confirms Toilet ov Hell's praise of TORII as "undoubtedly the single best unsigned band in the entire Razorback State of Arkansas." Topped off with stunning cover artwork by Cornelius van Haarlem (depicting two followers of Cadmus devoured by a Dragon, 1588), A Judgement Divine is nothing short of a watershed release.

Check out the album (which also contains the artwork and track list) in full here:

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