Pious Levus Streams Debut Album In Full

San Antonio black/death metal act Pious Levus released the debut album "Beast Of The Foulest Depths" today via Warfare Noise Productions. The band is streaming the album in full via the Bandcamp player below, where you can also click "Buy" to purchase you own copy.

Former members of Thornspawn, Hod and Burial Shroud converged for 11 tracks of vile and violent blasphemy in the vein of Necrovore, Bathory, Darkthrone and Blasphemy.

The band was formed by Swornghoul (guitar/vocals) and Necroinferno (drums) in 2014. In 2016, Lord Necron (guitar) joined the fold. All three are ex-members of Texas black metal band Thornspawn, an early and dominant force in the Texas black metal movement co-founded by Necron and Swornghoul. During their time in Thornspawn, Necron and Swornghoul were responsible for writing what many now consider the band's most important and influential material.

After Necron left Thornspawn, he started Texas hellraisers Hod while Swornghoul and Necroinferno formed Burial Shroud. It wasn't long before the unholy trio reunited to unleash their most violent band yet - Pious Levus! The band's debut album "Beast of the Foulest Depths" was released in early May to coincide with first ever live show (w/black/death metal veterans Morbosidad). Expect unholy violence from these veterans of the Texas Metal Underground.

Check out the album here:

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