Crossing Eternity Whips Up A 'Ghost Of A Storm' With Video Clip For New Single

Romanian/Swedish symphonic power metal act Crossing Eternity released a video clip for the new single "Ghost Of A Storm," which can be viewed above. The song is taken from the debut album “The Rising World,” which will introduce the band to the world on June 15th via Rockshots Records. Pre-order the new album at this location.

"The Rising World" blends elements of modern metal with psychedelic soundscapes alluding to the innocence of the 70s' rock music. The album contains thirteen epic songs, widely varied in composition and arrangement. The lyrics are a natural extension of this musical experience and they are tales of a spiritual journey. At times the band touches on the invisible side of the world, other times the band touches on fairy tale magic characters. Human nature and the causal dynamic of human interactions are also among the approached topics.

Check out the track listing here:

1. Crossing Eternity (see video clip here) 2. Ghost Of A Storm 3. Sand In The Sky 4. High Above The Crown 5. Kingdome Come 6. Embrace Your Voices 7. Journey To The End Of Dreams 8. Winter Poem 9. Haunted 10. Dreams Fall 11. Angles Cry, Rainbows Hide

12. Spirit Of The Forest 13. War Of Gods

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