Daggra Signs With Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed Texas' dark technical grindcore beasts Daggra and is set to release the band's new album entitled "Setsuna" on July 13th in CD and digital formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

Daggra, the emissaries of dark technical Grindcore, bring a poisoned sound to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the second full-length album. Comprised of musicians spread across Texas, Daggra has spent the last several years crafting a form of grindcore that is equal parts furious, acerbic, and technical, taking cues from a variety of influences such as Gridlink, Antigama, Pig Destroyer, 324, Agents Of Abhorrence as well as the human condition as a whole.

"Setsuna" translates to "a moment/instant" and is an exploration of the transient moments that have had the most significant impacts on life and existence. This album serves as the swansong for the band's longtime original vocalist, who delivers a final performance akin to raging aural wildfire. With maniacal drumming and razor-sharp riffs to complete the calculated chaos, the introspective vitriol of "Setsuna" burns fiercely, leaving only a smoldering heap in its wake.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Blood Mosaic

2. Sculpting Discord

3. Wrong End Of Gravity

4. Setsuna

5. Non Compos Mentis

6. Tarnished

7. Imposter

8. Cold Calculation

9. Scars Over Scars

10. Medusa's Truth

11. Shatterpoint

12. Object

13. Panoramic Ruin

14. Wards Of Greater Failures

15. Empty As Your Words

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