Former Obituary, Deicide Guitarist Ralph Santolla Passes Away

Ralph Santolla - former guitarist for such legends Death, Deicide and Obituary - passed away in Tampa, Florida on June 6th following a heart attack that happened on May 30th. Surrounded by friends and family, Santolla was removed from life support and passed away just before midnight at 51 years old.

Best friend and Northtale guitarist Bill Hudson broke the news on Facebook and Instagram last night stating: "Now It is official: I (and many other people) just lost my best friend, as well as one of the most underrated guitarists in all history. He passed away peacefully with about 10 of his closest friends and family around him (myself included). Please keep his mother Sue Santolla-Rocha, his son Dorian Angelo Santolla and all the rest of us in your thoughts...Rest in peace, my brother, Ralph Santolla... You will be missed by A LOT of people...I love you, bro."

Santolla leaves behind a legacy, performing with such acts as: Iced Earth, Hollow, Millenium, Toxik, Sebastian Bach as well as guesting on a plethora of albums ranging from Jorn to Warmen to Holy Moses.

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