Black Space Riders Releases Video Clip For New Single 'Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Br

German riffonauts Black Space Riders have just released the official video for the new single "Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear)," the first from forthcoming album "Amoretum Vol. 2." The journey begins in the player above.

Fresh on the heels of the January 2018 release of "Amoretum Vol. 1," Black Space Riders is set to return with the compelling follow-up, "Amoretum Vol. 2" on July 27 as a double vinyl (w/ CD), digisleeve CD and digital formats.

The songs on "Amoretum Vol. 1 & Vol. 2" were all written over a three-month period, and subsequently recorded and produced in a single rush of creativity. The band decided to release the more than two hours of music that came from their mid-2017 writing session in two different parts. As Black Space Riders' 6th album, "Amoretum Vol. 2" is a continuation - a second book - but it also exists as a completely autonomous work.

Is "Vol. 2" the rebellious older sister of "Vol. 1," or the young, untamed brother? Maybe ... "Amoretum Vol. 2" explores the tension between darkness (fear, hate, rejection) and light (empathy, love, acceptance). The albums were titled "Amoretum" - a blend of "Amor" (or Cupid, as translated from German) and "Arboretum" - as a symbolic reference to the sanctuary of nature and love. While this concept applies to both albums, "Vol. 2" is a storm raging through the Garden of Love!

A wild, 14-track ride awaits. Hard, fast heavy rockers morph into new wave indie sounds and even post-punk loses its "post." Psychedelic triphop meets dub reggae roots and then ends in a loud rush of psychedelic riffs.

Sonically, "Vol. 2 "delivers a massive, atmospheric, hypnotic, sometimes raw and sometimes tender sound. This, with all the joy of experimentation, is held together by a band that never wants to stop. With all the movement and all the detours, "Vol. 2" still manages to sound like one coherent entity. The common thread is in the sound, groove, melody and atmosphere that permeates everything and leads you through this epic journey.

The track listing and artwork for the album can be found here:

Chapter Three:

1. Before My Eyes

2. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear)

3. Walls Away

4. Slaínte (Salud, Dinero, Amor)

5. Assimilating Love

Chapter Four:

6. In Our Garden

7. Leaves of Life (Falling Down)

8. Body Move

Chapter Five:

9. Take Me to The Stars

10. Ch Ch Ch Ch Pt. I (The Ugly Corruptor)

11. Ch Ch Ch Ch Pt. II (Living In My Dream)

Chapter Six:

12. Chain Reaction

13. No Way

14. The Wait Is Never Over

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