Bookakee Releases Video Clip For 'Ignominies'

Often referred to as Montreal's answer to GWAR, progressive/technical Death Metal whirlwind Bookakee has issued a video clip for the new single "Ignominies." The song is the title track of the band's sophomore album coming June 29th via Transcending Records.

Musically ambitious, holistically entertaining, and decimating in its approach, "Ignominies" is guaranteed to leave an indelible imprint on the minds of listeners the world over.

Mixing, mastering, and drum recording for "Ignominies" were accomplished at Christian Donaldson's (Cryptopsy) legendary studio The Grid. Vocals, guitars and bass were recorded by Bookakee vocalist Simon Pierre Gagnon in his home studio.

The track listing can be found here:

1. Monarch of the Depraved

2. Ignominies

3. Bréhaigne (feat. Julien Truchan of Benighted) (see promo video here)

4. Oculus Nebula

5. Muliebria

6. Intermission 1

7. Mario Whirl

8. Refuge Insidieux

9. Intermission 2

10. Scullion

11. Celestial Decimation

12. As We Assault Empyrean

13. Noise

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