Decline Of The I Releases Lyric Video For New Single 'Enslaved By Existence'

French multifaceted, post-black metal band Decline Of The I will posted a video clip for the new song "Enslaved By Existence," which is available in the player above. The song appears on the new album "Escape," which drops on July 27th via Agonia Records (pre-order the album here).

Decline Of The I originates from France and is inspired by the works of the French surgeon, writer and philosopher Henri Laborit. The band is led by a multi-instrumentalist, A - a skilled musician, who's been a part of the metal scene for over 20 years, during which he played in bands such as Vorkreist, Merrimack, Neo Inferno 262, Malhkebre and Diapsiquir. Decline Of The I is his personal approach on dark music, in which he's accompanied by musicians of Merrimack, Anus Mundi, Temple of Baal, Eibon and Drowning fame.

"Escape" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Blacksun Recording by Junior Rodriguez. The album will be available in CD, LP and digital formats.

The track listing can be found here:

1. Disruption 2. Enslaved by existence 3. Organless body 4. Hurlements en faveur de FKM 5. Negentropy (Fertility sovereign) 6. Je pense donc je fuis (see video clip here)

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