Drowned Streams New Album '7th' In Full

Brazilian heavy/thrash/death metal band Drowned just dropped the new album "7th" this past Friday (June 15th) via Greyhaze Records under license from Brazil's Cogumelo Records. Grab a copy at this location. The band is offering a full stream of the album, which you can check out in the player at the bottom.

On "7th," which as the title implies is the band's seventh release, Drowned seeks new horizons, while preserving and refining the band's most treasured musical essence of traditional heavy metal songs built into a death/thrash metal twin-guitar attack! The musical onslaught serves as backdrop to lyrics that lay bare thoughts of sickened and deranged visions, injustice and gratuitous violence. In other words: notions that are unfortunately a reality of life in South America's biggest nation.

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. The Bitter Art of Detestation 2. Rage Before Some Hope 3. Toothless Messiah 4. Murder, Sex, Hate and More... 5. Violent March of Chaos 6. Damaged Wood Coffin 7. Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil 8. Epidemic and God Selfishness 9. Timebomb Conscience 10. KRH317 11. Ministry of National Inquisition

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