Gioeli-Castronovo 'Set The World On Fire' In New Video Clip

Gioeli-Castronovo - the band featuring Hardline alumni Johnny Gioelli and Deen Castronovo - released a video clip for the new single "Set the World On Fire," which you can enjoy in the player above. The song is the title track of the new album, which will be released July 13, 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. Pre-order the album at this location.

Johnny Gioeli and Deen Castronovo first played together on the debut Hardline album, "Double Eclipse," which was released in 1992. 25 years later, the two were reunited in Italy to commence work on the debut Gioeli-Castronovo album.

"It was so great to work with Johnny again, I've always loved his voice and it was a pleasure to be a part of this collaboration! It was like we'd never left each other," says Castronovo.

"It was like the first day he tried to hold my hand and kiss me in 1992. Ha Ha!!! KIDDING! Seriously, I never left Deen. Deen never left me, so reuniting was easy. Counting our blessings were plentiful. Singing together was magical," says Gioeli about working with Castronovo again.

Both men have continued on their musical paths since they last saw one another, with Gioeli continuing to lead Hardline, while Castronovo spent time with Ozzy Osbourne and had an extended tour of duty with the legendary Journey. Castronovo is currently active with The Dead Daisies and Revolution Saints in addition to Gioeli-Castronovo.

Gioeli's vocal talents combined with Deen's superb drumming abilities (and whom is also a fine vocalist in his own right) has made for a stunning album that is driving a driving hard rock record, while also chock full of uplifting melodies and poignant lyrical messages.

The track listing can be found here:

1. Set The World On Fire

2. Through (see video clip here)

3. Who I Am

4. Fall Like An Angel

5. It's All About You

6. Need You Now

7. Ride Of Your Life

8. Mother

9. Walk With Me

10. Run For Your Life

11. Remember Me

12. Let Me Out

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