The Heretic Order Leads You Into 'The Forest Of The Impaled' In New Lyric Video

U.K. metal act The Heretic Order released the new single "The Forest Of The Impaled." Check out the lyric video in the player above. The song appears on the band's sophomore album "Evil Rising" coming June 22nd via Massacre Records.

Lord Ragnar comments on the new single: "The song describes the feelings and the horrific sight that befalls an Ottoman soldier who encounters the Forest of the Impaled's victims, ordered by Vlad III of Wallachia, during the Ottoman's invasion of Transylvania in the 1460s."

The band once more teamed up with Guillermo "Will" Maya, who took care of the mix and mastering.

Check out the track listing here:

1. Prelude 2. Evil Rising (see video clip here) 3. Unholy War 4. Hate Is Born 5. Omens 6. Mortification Of The Flesh 7. Under The Cross Of Pain 8. Straight Down (To Hell) 9. The Mask 10. Forest Of The Impaled 11. The Scourge Of God 12. Visions

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