Circles Announces Details Of New Album 'The Last One', Premieres New Single

Australian progressive metal band Circles has released details behind the release of the forthcoming new album "The Last One." The album sees the quartet hone a blend of melody and muscle into a sharper and more dynamic force. Dramatic vocals bring an emotional crescendo to the deeply sophisticated and hard-edged progressive rock. "The Last One" is fierce and forward-thinking and adds a new level to Circles' burgeoning legacy. "The Last One" will be released worldwide on August 31st via Season Of Mist. Pre-orders are available now at the Season of Mist E-Shop. Circles is also streaming the first new track off the album - "Breaker" - exclusively at Prog Magazine over here, or just press play in the convenient player just above. Regarding the new track, guitarist Ted Furuhashi comments: ""Breaker" was one of those songs that we wrote in 2 quick sessions. It’s almost like 2 different songs. I had a certain vibe I wanted for the first half, so I started writing the drum beat and consciously made them spread across a 4 bar measure instead a 1 bar loop. I then matched them with the bass and rhythm guitars, then layered the chorus guitar in-between the accents. The second half of the song is a classic Circles riff, I guess. We’ve been playing it live for a while now and feels great, so we can’t wait to play it on our up coming tours with TesseracT around Australia, and overseas in UK/EU with Caligula's Horse and I Built The Sky later on in the year!” The track listing and artwork can be found below:

1. Winter 2. Breaker 3. The Messenger 4. Arrival 5. Tether 6. Resolution 7. Dream Sequence 8. Renegade 9. Blueprints for a Great Escape 10. Alone With Ghosts

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