Luca Turilli Puts LT Rhapsody On Indefinite Hold

Composer/co-founder of Rhapsody and leader of LT Rhapsody - Luca Turilli - announced that he is putting the famed band on indefinite hold as he dedicates himself to new musical projects away from the metal subgenre. He does not rule out a return to rock and metal, but the time period for that return looks to be long, if ever.

In a statement on the band's Facebook page, Turilli stated:

"Hi to all, beloved sisters and brothers!

"We are not updating this Facebook page (the only official one) since a long time due to the fact we are all super busy with other music projects and the band activity of Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY was put in stand-by for an undefined period of time.

"The last album 'Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus' has been surely the most important release of my artistic journey. The fact we were very close to be selected for the Grammy Awards [in] 2018 and the fact it was the first album in the history of music to be remixed in Dolby Atmos, gave us the possibility to find new important connections and partnerships in the music business. Therefore, I can now realize some of my artistic dreams, exploring new emotional territories and working on some new music projects I always wanted to dedicate myself to.

"Since the end of the Rhapsody Farewell Tour, I started working on things quite far from the rock and metal genre, as I am actually in love with artists and singers like Adele, who are deeply touching my heart and soul and greatly inspiring me, but when in the future I will release again something related with rock or metal, please be sure you will be the first ones to be informed about."

Turilli went on to support vocalist Alessandro Conti's new endeavor as the new vocalist for Twilight Force:

"Speaking about metal, let me also wish all the best for an amazing future career to Alessandro Conti as new singer of Twilight Force. Alessandro is a great person, a unique talent, and is fully deserving all the success he is collecting at a worldwide level in that area of music!

"Back to work… a giant virtual hug and much Love to You all!" - Luca Turilli

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