Dissonant Distance Signs With Sliptrick Records

International progressive fusion act Dissonant Distance signed on with Sliptrick Records for an upcoming debut record due later this year.

Dissonant Distance is a newly formed international power trio consisting of musicians Oscar Hansson (Bass guitar, live looping), Andras Saylik (Drums, percussion), Jay Matharu (Guitar), based between Hungary and Sweden. The music is spontaneous, free and in the moment, encompassing elements of progressive rock, jazz, fusion, blues and Indian music. It’s improvised music fused with the spirit of punk and jazz.

Chatting over Facebook one evening in December 2017, muso friends Andras and Jay decided that it had been too long since they had last played together. They had previously performed at The Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival (Hague, Netherlands) with the project band “MTS Trio” in 2012. Andras invited Jay to jam at his studio in Budapest, where they would be joined by Oscar Hansson, a musician Andras had been working alongside in the band “deBort”. A couple of weeks before the reunion the trio were mailing back and forth sharing their views on how in recent times many musicians are afraid to take risks and record live. Why was it only jazz musicians improvised nowadays? Why does everything have to sound so perfect? Why not create music that is unique, spontaneous, and something human?

What was a friendly discussion turned into an idea to record an album together. Oscar and Andras booked a recording studio and when Jay arrived in Budapest on January 27th 2018, the trio set up their gear and began playing. The album was conceived over two days, the first day was spent jamming and defining the concept and on the second day everything was recorded live. Now that the album is complete, the trio are looking forward to releasing the album later in the year via Sliptrick Records.

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