Eskhaton Streams New Album 'Omegalitheos' In Full

Australia's massive death metal force Eskhaton just dropped the new album "Omegalitheos" for mass consumption via Lavadome Productions yesterday (June 20th). The band is streaming the album in full, which can be heard in the player at the bottom where you can also purchase a copy by clicking the "Buy" button.

The "Omegalitheos" phenomenon features 14 songs of psychotic death metal violence and has brought the vast capacities of its two predecessors to even higher levels.

Eskhaton's frenzied style will resonate with those who crave something more extreme than the standard death metal formula. This is where the status quo stops and the extraordinary ones rise to push the genre beyond its boundaries. Morbid, psychotic, violent, raw, unique, and above all else, uncompromising.

What does Eskhaton sound like? Let's go with the band's description: "Psychotic Bestial Death Metal of absolute chaos and total death." Need we say more? Find out for yourself below!

Check out the album in full here:

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